We have a special choreography to teach you for our K&L Zouk Teams (World Teams) Season 4 starting in January 2021!

To celebrate our 15 years anniversary partnership, Kadu and I will be teaching our team leaders from all over the world, the choreography that inspired so many dancers and non dancers to start learning Brazilian Zouk – “Real Love” by Massari!

We will adapt it for intermediate/advanced students to learn and perform it with us at many different events worldwide!

Being a part of a K&L Zouk Team is a great opportunity to be taught choreographies created by K&L. These teams represent Kadu and Larissa (K&L Dance) locally and regionally at social parties, functions and congresses performing under the K&L brand.

This is made possible all over the world, as each K&L Zouk Team is run independently by qualified local directors who teach their team members these specialised choreographies that come directly from Kadu and Larissa!

Want to start a team?

Simply send us an email with the video of the proposed directors social dancing, performing and/or any video of a dance team they have directed. If you do not have these videos, film a social dancing video. We will send your videos to Kadu and Larissa and once approved, we will send you our contract followed by our welcome package.

Email: info@klzoukteams.com