Brazilian Zouk Solo Classes

We would like to invite you to join our LIVE SOLO classes and coaching sessions via Facebook LIVE platform.
This will be a fun way for us to continue training together from home and also a way to connect our dance community.

Here is our schedule and time for this week’s LIVE classes:


LIVE Brazilian Zouk Styling/Drills for Leaders with Kadu on Tuesdays 12pm (PDT) starting August 11th – $35 (4 classes)

LIVE Brazilian Zouk Styling /Drills for Followers with Larissa on Tuesdays 1pm (PDT) starting August 11th – $35 (4 classes)

LIVE Dance Workout classes, Stretch and Strength Training on Fridays’ 3pm (PDT) starting August 7th – $25 (4 classes)