Instructional DVDs

Our instructional DVDs offer 10 movements per DVD, taught by Kadu and Larissa. Movements are firstly taught slowly, breaking it down without music. Most of the movements Kadu and Larissa go through the steps separate so you can work on guys and girls footwork before trying it together with your partner to learn and practice how to lead and follow. At the end the video the movement is showed with music for you to learn how to dance it on the correct time of the music.

The beginner level DVDs offer all most important foundation movements to give you a strong foundation, prepare you to learn intermediate sequences and to get you on the dance floor in no time.

Intermediate level DVDs will focus on combinations and sequences using different foundation movements plus introduce you to more complex upper body movements, head movements and exciting footwork variations.

Brazilian zouk advanced level DVDs offer exciting and complex combinations using head movements movements, turns with tilted head, complex “cambres” and counter balance variations and much more.

Samba de gafieira advanced level DVDs offer exciting and complex combinations using “contratempo, diagonal, facao” movements, turn of the girls, complex footwork variations for guys and girls and much more.

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